List of 2013 Panel Descriptions

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Literature Panels

L01 - 20 Years of Harry Potter Let's talk about all things Harry Potter in the 20th year since the first book came out and put us all under its magical spell.
L02 - Caliban in The Tempest and Caliban's Hour Colonialization on Shakespeare's fantasy island, and how William's Caliban sees it.
L03 - Chinese SF - An Update With the second Hugo for a Chinese SF piece being awarded at WorldCon in summer of 2016, there is lots of news about Chinese SF in translations. I have just met with SF authors in China and hope others are interested too. I can give you information on finding the fiction in translation and talk about some of the authors who have won awards and others who are up and coming.
L04 - Hybrid Publishing Routes of Publication and How to Decide What's Right For You;With so many options today, what is the best way to get your work out there? Hybrid author, Brea Behn will discuss the three main routes of publication self-publishing, independent publishers and traditional publishing. Learn about the pros and cons of each route and why your work may fit better with a specific one or more than one option.
L05 - Odysseus and the First Odyssey We're Odyssey Con, named in 2001 for the film 2001 Space Odyssey, but Homer's original is full of magic transformations, monsters, gods, strong, sexy women, misadventure and derring-do, and Odysseus is an intriguing flawed hero. Let's talk up the power of the story and the good bits. Writers still steal from it.
L06 - Peter Pan and Neverland - a second look James Barry's fertile creation has morphed over the century, in how we view the story and characters, and how we remake them in spin-offs and movies, but the original text has been changed in reissuing, too. Let's look at the restored original, Peter and Wendy from Peter Von Brown, and all the various offspring (the stage musical, Disney, "Lost Boys," "Finding Neverland," "Hook," Dave Barry's novels, Andrea Jones, et al.)
L07 - Pets In Spaaace! We have pets at home and service animals in public, and people want to bring their pets to work, but will we take them with us into space? To space stations? To Mars? What are the examples in SF? But would it be good for them? Which animals might best adapt? And what about those domesticated animals who co-evolved with us, if we bring some, or have to leave them behind - forever?
L08 - Promotional Ideas for books Word of mouth is currently the best way to get the word out about books. The problem is getting people to know about the book in the first way. There are many ways to market novels and some work better than others. This would be about those methods that work. And those that were spectacular failures.
L09 - Ray Bradburys work in comic books Unbeknownst to many, over two dozen of Ray Bradbury's stories were adpated into comics by EC Comics in the 1950's. Initially, they plagarized his work, but he sent them a polite letter saying they must have accidentally overlooked paying him, after which they paid him and then negotiated for rights to print more of his works. Find out more about these comics, many of which were reprinted in the 1990's.
L10 - SF in Translation What's New? What's Good?
L11 - Sleep is Weird What would alien robots make of an intelligent species that, every 24 hours or less, has to find a safe place in which to lose muscle control and consciousness and become vulnerable to predators and danger? How that must interfere with productivity! Yet we roll with it. Unless we can't do it. To the young, it seems a waste of time, to the old, an elusive treasure. It has physical and mental health consequences and perhaps has shaped our world. SF has explored it. Let's do likewise.
L12 - Storytelling Builds Our World So says Tad Williams. What stories do we tell ourselves, individually, - but especially collectively - and how has our world turned out? If we live in dystopia can we alter our plot and change the outcome? How do we do that?
L13 - The Animals Talk, Why? A child's first books are usually populated by animal characters who behave - sort of - like children. We take it as normal, but why? And it doesn't stop with Beatrix Potter or Kevin Henkes. The Wind in the Willows, Redwall, Duncton Wood, Watership Down and Tailchaser's Song are for adults. Never mind My Little Pony. What are their characters meant to say that can't be said as humans? Or is something else going on?
L14 - The New Disney Princess... Is a Civic Leader on a Hero's Journey! Moana. She's an apprentice chief and a "personal motivater" (to Maui) charged to Save the World. How much is different in this movie? How do its themes compare with past Disney heroine stories?
L15 - What makes science fiction an exciting and inspiring genre? There's a lot of emphasis on the potential problems of the future, but let's talk about hopeful futures as well.
L16 - World Building 101: Milieu Basic theory with practical exercise at end with audience to build an OddCon world
L17 - World Building 201: Plots Basic plot development for authors and gamemasters - end with a story arc set in the OddCon world
L18 - World Building 202: Characters Developing interesting Point of View/Player Characters and Non-Player Characters - to flesh out a cast of characters
L19 - Write a Story Write a story -- Author GoH with audience help
L20 - Writers Workshop
L21 - Poetry Slam Bring your poetry and compete in a low-key poetry slam!


Media Panels

M01 - 20 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Come reminisce with other BTVS fans about our favorite Slayer!
M02 - Forbidden Planet Calling old fans and film buffs! The 1956 film was the first SF movie to show humans in a faster-than-light ship of their own making, and be set on a planet far from earth. It had elements similar to Shakespeare's Tempest, and an entirely electronic music score. And Robby the Robot, (inspiration for our own Bossy the Cowbot). The National Film Registry calls it 'culturally, historically and aestheticly significant.' Think so? How so?
M03 - Is Seeing Still Believing? Now that we have the level of CGI to make anything look real and true, what is "evidence"? What do we count on and what do we trust? When does acceptance of subjective reality become insanity?
M04 - Kubo of the Two Strings, Dr. Strange and Newt Scamander; New Style Heroes? Kubo's weapon is music magic, and his show-down victory over the Bad Guy is an act of mercy and healing. Strange and Newt's stories show that the act of restoration can be as thrilling and cool as the usual superhero mass trashing of infrastructure. Strange wins against Dormamu, not by superior bashing, but by waiting him out. Newt is devoted to his animals. What else is new about these heroes?
M05 - Multi-generational gaming Role-playing games and tabletop gaming have been around since the 1970's. Many of the original gamers have had children and brought them up with gaming and now we have a second generation of gamers. How might the dynamics differ in games where all the players are from the same generation versus mixed generations? Unlike their parents, that second generation has never known a world without video games. Do the different generations have different styles of play? What advantages might multi-generational gaming have in the life of a family and development of young gamers?
M06 - Not Your Saturday Morning Cartoons Cartoons with more mature content (may not be suitable for those under 18). Cartoons aren't just for kids and family viewing anymore. Now there are cartoons made with "mature" themes.
M07 - Portraying accurate military units and people in games and fiction Portraying accurate military units and people in games and fiction
M08 - Return of Tokosatsu A panel on latest live action super heroes and over-the-top monsters from Japan, covering the release of last year's Shin Godzilla, as well as the new seasons of Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and many more. Content suitable for all ages.
M09 - Making Movies With No Budget…and Other Horror Stories Have you and your friends ever said, 'Wouldn't it be cool to make our own science fiction/horror/fantasy movie'? Come listen to the stories of those who actually went and did just that! Maybe you'll be inspired to try it yourself!
M10 - Why We Love B-Movies Some of us have fond memories of our formative years watching B-movies in the theatre or on TV. Come find out why we still love those classics from the 50's and 60's in spite of their flaws.


Other Panels

O01 - Attacks on Science Sean Otto's book The War on Science and others.
O02 - Being a Grownup, the Female Experience Last years' panel was deeply felt and insightful - and all male. What do women think it takes to be, (and feel like) a Grownup? Till relatively recently, women were not legally permitted to even BE adults to be responsible for herself, to vote, to work outside the home after marriage, have her own credit card. It's still that way around the world. And culturally, the infantilized Dickensian 'child-bride' and the 20th c. 'Babydoll' keep coming back as ideals. And yet, who tends to feel responsible for everybody? Do Grownup women get to have fun?
O03 - Biobots! Sea slug cells and 3D printed soft skeletons! Developments and possible uses and implications.
O04 - Can we make democracy work? For democracy to work, the people must be informed and educated: but what does this mean in the time of facts made-to-order? What should we be teaching? In schools? At home? Do we need a consistent curriculum to be a nation? Is that even possible? And who decides?
O05 - Cosplay on a Budget Can't afford the best materials or buy the coolest accessories and props? Come find out how to cosplay on a budget!
O06 - Creating Cover Art Paint a cover picture -- Artist GoH with audience help
O07 - Earth-like Exoplanets and Alien Life This past year has seen the discovery of a number of more or less Earth-like exoplanets -- including one circling the nearest star to us! What does this suggest about the possible abundance of alien life. If it exists, will it be sapient? And if so, why weren't they here eons ago?
O08 - Future Habitats What would it take for a dwelling place to fulfill our needs and make us happy? What could change in urban and landscape design from current conventions, and what lifestyle modifications would be necessary? If we go into space or to Mars, what are the minimum living-space requirements for a permanent, self-sustaining population?
O09 - Get Lost How large does a non-planar or obscured space need to be before a human without GPS or a compass can genuinely expect not to find their way out? Do people who get lost in a forest or elsewhere really go in circles? What is the best strategy for getting out of the woods, mountains, canyonlands, or a large cave? What impositions would make escape more difficult?
O10 - Heaven and Hell The landscape; the climate; the bylaws, the personnel. How is eternity supposed to work on human beings formed in Time? What can we tell about people by their concept of Eternal Reward or Punishment? Harps in Heaven, accordions in Hell? Did it take an Italian, Dante, to conceive of the lowest circle of hell as cold, dirty ice?
O11 - Held Hostage By the Internet of Things Could ingenious hackers take over your house or car and hold you for ransom? Might your refrigerator decline to open after 7pm if it registers your calorie budget is spent for the day? Or could the house protect a demented occupant who wants to wander and forgets to turn off the stove? There must be new story plots here.
O12 - How to Build a Dalek Tips and advice for building your very own EX-TER-MI-NA-TOR!!!
O13 - In Memoriam A talk about who we lost this past year from our world of fandom (authors, actors, con supporters, etc.)
O13 World Building for Writers & Games The panel explores two robust methods for developing worlds as environments for literary and gaming settings. The audience participates in a practical exercise and develops the world of Cow-a-bunga.
O14 - It Came from the Internet A new year, and another hour (or two) of videos from all over the internet, the strange, the funny, the weird, and the some times creepy. Parental discretion advised. Some 13 and up content.
O16 - Otherwise Healthy 'Wrong bodies,' obesity, transsexuality, apotemnophilia, anorexia, unsafe BDSM, semantic contagion and self-completion. When individual sexuality and sense of self calls for drastic physical alteration, at what point, if any, should intervention occur with what many people perceive as self-harm? //
O17 - Ripped Off or Forgotten? Misrepresented or Ignored? You Choose Is it great when people who "are like us" appear in entertainment - if we are usually cast as villains or contemptible fools? Or is it worse to never be included, with the implication that you don't exist - or matter? Is it better for your cultural traditions to be allowed to die out - but remain pure - or to be taken up piecemeal by popular culture and exploited? How do you decide - if it's up to you?
O18 - Running a successful Kick Starter (or any Crowd-source Funding idea)
O19 - Should Government be Run Like a Business? What's likely to happen if we do? Could a CEO fire citizens? Would Congress be stockholders? What would "hostile takeover" really mean? Or would voters have more power than employees usually do?
O20 - The Wind beneath My Wings Human-powered flight on this planet is practically impossible, but free fall is the equivalent of human flight. On what planets and moons will flying be possible under domes with atmosphere - and what apparatus is being designed to sell to us once we get there?
O21 - The workings of the crypto-plutocracy (how the US government functions in practice)
O22 - Wicked and Worse What is evil? Is it societal conditioning, or is there an inherent ethical sensibility independent of religion? Is what we think of as evil behavior only the result of faulty upbringing? What does it mean when a character is truly evil?