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Dealers Room and Vendors

So, you've been told you're in our vendors room. Huzzah! We're glad you'll be there!

Dealers can reserve from a single 6-foot by 3-foot table space (approximately 36 square feet total) to three 6-foot x 3-foot table spaces. The first table is $70 and comes with one 3-day badge.  Additional tables are $35 each, with a maximum of 3 tables per vendor. Additional dealers badges are available for $25 each with a maximum of 4.

If you don't need an actual table, would rather bring your own, or have special requests for your table(s), please note that when you contact us. If you don't need a table at all, let us know and your space will be clear of tables when you arrive at the convention. If you have any questions or suggestions, notify the Dealers' Room Manager and we will get back to you!

To register your business, yourself, and your minions, go to our vendor registration page at vendor registration page at www.odysseycon.org and be sure to checkmark the box next to the text "Attendee is a dealer". Check this to see the Dealer Info tab for purchasing tables.

You must get an OK from our Huxter Wrangler first before purchasing any tables!

Do this for each person you're registering who will be at your table area. We need this so we know who should be allowed access to the Dealers' room at Dealer-only times.

Register Your Vendor Space Now

Thank you for vending at Odyssey Con!

Hours of Operation

Friday: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 3:00pm


Please forward all questions on the dealer room and being a vendor at Odyssey Con to our Dealers Room Lead at huxters@odysseycon.org.