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Art Show

Art Show Schedule

Friday April 28

1-3pm: Artist check in
(Please notify us if you are coming so we can plan accordingly for space).
4 pm: Art show opens for general viewing and bidding

Saturday April 29

10am: Art show opens
6 pm: Art show closes
9 pm: Art auction and awards

After the auction, the art show will open up for 45 minutes to allow people to start picking up purchased artwork.

Sunday April 30

10am: Art show opens
10-12pm: Artist check out

Any artwork sold as a quick sale may be picked up on Saturday night after the auction, Sunday between 10-12pm, or by special arrangement made prior to pick-up with the head of art show.

General Information for Artists

Below is information for Odyssey Con 17.  Stay tuned for information regarding Odyssey Con 18.

Odyssey Con is a science fiction and fantasy convention, so please keep this in mind when bringing or sending your artwork. All artwork must be matted, mounted, or framed. Artwork can either be original or prints. Only one copy of a print may hang in the art show. If your artwork features a character belonging to someone else, you MUST credit the owner (e.g., a Disney character must be labeled ©Disney, in addition to your signature).

All artwork must be ready to display upon arrival. Bid sheets must be attached to each piece, and a control sheet listing each piece must be submitted to the check-in desk. Please attach each bid sheet so it may be seen when the piece is displayed. Bid sheets and control sheets can be obtained online at the Odyssey Con website (www.odysseycon.org). There is table space for free-standing artwork.

Display Fees

Display space is available on "first-come, first-served" basis. Artists who come to help set up the art show get first choice of display space. Art show set up is Friday, April 28th, starting about 2:00pm. There is table space for free-standing 3-D pieces.

Display fees are $0.50 per piece for artwork brought in or $1.00 per piece sent in by mail. There is a maximum of 20 pieces per artist. You will need one bid sheet per piece and one control sheet per artist/exhibitor (linked below). All payments can be made on site or through the PayPal link (also below). If you are bringing your art in yourself, please bring a printed copy of your receipt for the hanging fees.

Printable Bid Sheet Get Acrobat Reader | Printable Control Sheet Get Acrobat Reader

Use the drop-down below to select whether you are bringing in your art or mailing it in. After you click on the yellow Buy Now button, you will be redirected to PayPal. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account! Enter the number of pieces you wish to display (maximum 20) in the Order Summary window and click on Update. Then, to the right under Choose a way to pay, you can choose to pay via a PayPal account by logging in or by entering your debit/credit card information. If you have any problems or questions, contact us.

Display Fee per Piece

Mailing Address for Artwork

Odyssey Con
PO Box 7114
Madison, WI 53707-7114

Please note the new address for this year!

Art must arrive before April 21st. If your artwork will be arriving late, please email us at artshow@odysseycon.org.

Artwork must be sent in sturdy, reusable containers. Please specify if you want the empty containers returned if all your work is sold. Include a check for return postage, assuming no sale (if you have an account with UPS or FedEx please include a pre-made return shipping label). All mail-in artwork not sold will be shipped back via USPS unless otherwise requested and paid for by the artist.

Bidding and Auction

In pricing pieces, please use whole dollar increments. Minimum bids must be $5 or over. Each piece receiving more than one bid will go to auction. Pieces with only one bid will be sold for the bid amount without going to auction. All pieces without bids can be picked up on Sunday between 10am and 12pm, unless other arrangements have been previously made with the head of the art show.

We will have a Quick Sale option. The buyer can purchase artwork immediately without going to auction if there are no bids currently on the piece. Please note that after the auction a buyer can purchase the artwork for the minimum bid price, so please be happy with your minimum bid price.

Odyssey Con takes a 10% commission on all art sold through the art show and auction. Within three weeks after the end of the convention, checks will be mailed to the artists (or their agents if so requested when the art is checked in or mailed in).

Taking Your Art Home

Only the artist or agent checking the art in can check unsold art out again, unless otherwise stated clearly to the head of art show at check-in. Also, art cannot be checked out of the art show until after the auction on Saturday night or Sunday. Once art is hung, it is to stay hung until it goes to voice auction, is sold, or is checked out.

Art Show Contact

Any and all questions should be emailed to the Art Show Lead at artshow@odysseycon.org. A printable brochure containing this information is linked below.

Printable Information Brochure Get Acrobat Reader

The Legal Stuff

Since Odyssey Con is staffed and run by volunteers, all decisions of the head of the art show are final in all matters. The exhibitor agrees to protect, keep, and save Odyssey Con forever harmless from any damages or charges imposed for any violations of any law or ordinance by any exhibitor, and their employees or agents, as well as for failure to comply with terms and agreements. The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless Odyssey Con against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expenses which might arise out of or by reason of any act or omission of the exhibitor, and their employees or agents.