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Games and Gaming

The Gaming Room

Odyssey Con brings back the gaming room for scheduled and open gaming. Featured games are to include various role-playing, board, card games, and demos.

Thank you to Goodman Games, Shinobi 27 Games, and Purple Duck Games for all their donated gaming materials, and to featured gamers, game masters, and players turned our for our convention!

Games and Gaming Schedule

Odyssey Con 17 game schedule below ...

General Gaming Schedule


Want to run a game at Odyssey Con?

While we maintain an open gaming room at the convention, we encourage game masters to contact us to let us know what game(s) you want to run and when you'd be interested in running it.  We can add this to our gaming schedule for the site and program book. 

To schedule your game session, just contact our Gaming Lead via email at gaming@odysseycon.org.  Please let us know who you are and what game you'd like to run.  Also be sure to include a time you would like to run it, a duration, and any important details on the game.  We will get back to you with a confirmation on the time slot as soon as possible.

If it is past sign up, can I still run a game?

Of course, most of us are gamers! There will be a limited amount of space dedicated to open gaming. If there's a table and you have players, sit down and roll.

We do ask if a scheduled event is assigned there your players clear out before the start time. Flexibility is key in the open gaming space.

Will the Paint and Take return?

Yes, the Paint and Take table is scheduled to return to Odyssey Con.  More news to follow as available.


For any questions or requests on gaming, please email the Gaming Lead at gaming@odysseycon.org.