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Charity Fund Raiser

Every year Odyssey Con selects a charity to help raise awareness and funds.

This year Odyssey Con will be donating proceeds from it's t-shirt sales towards it's charity.

Madison Literacy Network

Literacy Network


2017 Charity - Literacy Network

Odyssey Con deals with all forms of fandom — media, costuming, gaming, etc. — but at the core of it all are books. Consequently, for our 2017 charity we’ve selected Literacy Network to help bring the joy of reading to even more people. But there’s more to it than that. Literacy is a basic life skill, and the need for it is shockingly high, even if largely invisible. Here’s what the Literacy Network says about the problem:


• In Dane county, more than 17,000 residents lack the functional literacy skills needed to read a letter from their children's teachers, a label in a grocery store, or instructions from a doctor.
• In a national study, more than 65% of welfare recipients who had or attained a high school diploma left welfare and became self-sufficient within two years.
• Approximately 1 million Wisconsin adults qualify for adult literacy and English language services, but only 50,000 (or approximately 5%) of adults in need of services are currently receiving them.
• 18.93%, or 785,682 Wisconsin Adults, age 16 and older, are not enrolled in school and do not have a high school diploma.
• Adult basic education and ESL services are chronically underfunded. Nationally, the total annual government expenditure for adults in literacy education programs is approximately $310 per enrollee. By contrast, the government spends about $7,500 per enrollee in the K-12 system and $16,000 per enrollee in the higher education system.

Follow more information about the Literacy Network, please visit their website at www.litnetwork.org.