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Panels and Programming


Every year Odyssey Con provides a variety of panels and programs for attendees to attend and join in.  These tend to fall into three main themes:  literary, gaming, and media.  Many of these a based off our guest for that year, and others are taken from suggestions from the public as to what they'd like to see at our convention. 


Each year Odyssey Con hosts a variety of contests, including the Spontaneous Writing Contest, Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry Contest, and a Costume Contest.  See more about these on our Contests Page.

Nighttime Events

When the sun goes down the doors do not close for Odyssey Con.  In the evening panels continue along with other nighttime activities.  There are room parties, gaming, media shows, and more.  And the con suite will be staying open for food and drink, free to Odyssey Con attendees.

Panel Suggestions are now closed!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their panel suggestions.  A list of panel suggestions and proposed programming for this year's convention can be found on our Panel Suggestion Page.


Panelist Applications Are Now Open!

Have some knowledge you'd like to share? Want to join us and be a panelist for one or more of our suggested topics? Click here to see our list of panel suggestions and volunteer to become a panelist: Panel Volunteer Page!


Odyssey Con 16 has ended.  Check back for information on Odyssey Con 17.

To see last year's planned programming, click the link here to see the 2016 Program Schedule.